Yu. Makogon, Doctor of Sciences (Economics), Professor, Yu. Kinchevskaya, PhD student Donetsk National University, Donetsk DEVELOPMENT OF TRANSNATIONAL CORPORATIONS IN THE ASPECT OF GLOBALIZATION

This article analyses the main world transnational companies (TNCs) and the impact of globalization on their activities. Globalization is a powerful real aspect of the new world system and it represents one of the most influential forces in determining the future course of the planet. In this process TNCs play an important role. Last researches are analyzed and they show that number of TNCs increased every year. Investments in offshore financial centers (OFCs) remain at historically high levels. By joining each other TNCs create global value chains (GVC). From one hand it iёs the different processes in different parts of the world that each add value to the goods or services being produced. Positive and negative impact of GVCs is shown. The KOF index of globalization in the world and in Ukraine is investigated. The main regional trends, which could involve into regional industrial development compacts, are analyzed.

Keywords: transnational companies; globalization; global chains; index of globalization.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17721/1728-2667.2014/159-6/4

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