O. Chernyak, Professor, Doctor, Y. Chernyak, post-graduate student, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv Some approaches to governmental regulation of labor force migration in Ukraine

An intensification of the labor force migration is among the main features of globalization and internationalization. According to the great growth of total number of international migrants, governmental regulation of labor force migration became the one of the most important problems nowadays. In the last several years governmental regulation of labor force migration faced many changes and upgrades. In almost all leading countries the work and residence permits for foreign worker are indispensable. Also there are many barriers for foreigners in job achieving, such as giving preferences to local and into-EU workers, necessity to prove your qualification level for getting a work permit. In Ukraine it is also necessary to make some correctives in governmental regulation of labor force migration and to develop governmental programs inspiring national enterprises to use local workers and to stimulate the progress of national scientists and brainpower. Also the aim of governmental is a minimization of bad effects of immigration. The possible way of the salvation of this problem is an implementation of the migrant’s certificate.

Keywords: Labor force migration, governmental regulation, unemployment, worker’s certificate.


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