N. Tyukhtenko, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor, S. Makarenko, PhD in Economics, Assistant Professor Kherson State University, Kherson, Ukraine, N. Oliynik, PhD, Assistant Professor Kherson National Technical University, Kherson, Ukraine THE OBJECTIFICATION OF DEFINITION OF THE PURCHASING POWER OF CONSUMERS IN SHADOW ECONOMY

The paper analyzed the level of truthfulness of information as to actual volume revenues of workers of the shadow economy. Revealed results of actual solvency of the local population by goods production, work execution, services rendering. Discovered action of currency fluctuation. Analyzed sales of new cars in Ukraine for 2010-2014. Proposed the method of calculating the correction coefficient with a view to determining the level of objectification purchasing power of consumers in a shadow economy and the potential capacity of the sale market of new cars. Defined the optimal selling price of new vehicles in Kherson. Calculated potential market volume of new vehicles and optimal logistic route of their realization in the Kherson region.

Key words: shadow economy, the level of truthfulness of information, the dynamic new cars sales, corrected factor, the purchasing power, the potential market volume.

Date of submission 04.02.2016

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17721/1728-2667.2016/181-4/7


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