Theoretical аnd Methodological Principles to Forecast Labor Potential of a Region

Authors: І. Vakhovych, ORCID ID000000031129203X, Doctor of Sciences (Economics), Professor, Head of Department of Finance, Lutsk National Technical University, Lutsk, Ukraine.
І. Kondius, ORCID ID0000000334167506, PhD in Economic, Associate Professor, Head of Department of Finance, Lutsk National Technical University, Lutsk, Ukraine

Abstract: A regression analysis was used to study the level of a regional labor potential as an integral system, forecast some demographic, economic, environmental and educational indicators in Lviv region. Th e method of extrapolation of trends was used, to determine tendencies towards changes in the indicators of development over time and describe the actual average trend in changes of analytical indicators of the time rows.

Key words: labor resources, potential, forecasting, model

Received: 07/06/2018

1st Revision: 18/09/2018

Accepted: 02/10/2018



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