Comparative Analysis оf Operation аnd Development оf Health Systems оf Ukraine аnd Kazakhstan

Authors: N. Grazhevska, ORCID ID 0000000325498055, Head of the Department of Economics, Macro- and Microeconomics, Doctor of sciences (Economics), Professor, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv, Ukraine
Y. Aimagambetov, ORCID ID 0000000345908242, Doctor of Sciences (Economics), Professor, Kazpotrebsoyuz Karaganda Economical University, Karaganda, Republic of Kazakhstan
A. Tyngisheva, ORCID ID 0000000219574325, PH. D. Student, Kazpotrebsoyuz Karaganda Economical University, Karaganda, Republic of Kazakhstan

Abstract: Currently, Ukraine and Kazakhstan are implementing health care reform, based on the introduction of new approaches to public administration in order to improve the accessibility and quality of pr oviding medical services to the population. Studying the experience of such reform is an urgent task of the theory and practice of post-Soviet socio-economic transformations. A comparative analysis of medical reforms in the countries studied allows us to identify existing problems and propose solutions to them, taking into account their foreign experience in implementing them with a view to justifying and developing an effective mechanism for managing the industry. Analysis of the practice of public administration of the health care system in Kazakhstan and Ukraine concludes with a logical generalization and justification of priority measures of the state in this field. The limitation in the proposed study is the incompleteness of statistical bases, as well as the lack of generally accepted approaches and methods for assessing the health system.

Key words: healthcare system; public administration; healthcare expenditure; healthcare financing; medical reform

Received: 02/10/2018

1st Revision: 05/11/2018

Accepted: 27/11/2018



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