Problems оf Regulation оf Innovative Activities іn Enterprises

Authors: O. Shatilo, PhD Student, Department of Economics, National University of Transport, Kyiv, Ukraine

Abstract: Innovation activities are an integral part of the national development strategy. Science and technology progress requires the effective implementation of innovations at the enterprises, which will en able them to meet the new requirements of the external and internal environment. However, there are many problems that hamper the development of enterprises. One of the main issues is the lack of implementation of innovation activities. In this work, the main factors that hinder the dynamic development of innovation activities at the enterprises are defined. The share of research and development (R&D) in the Ukrainian GDP, the internal spending on R&D, the R&D personnel in 2010–2017 are analyzed. The sources of funding and industrial property are identified. The criteria of enterprises that choose the innovative path of development are determined. These indicators characterize not only the problems of enterprises, but of the economy as a whole. To formulate the innovation plan, it is necessary to determine the innovations to be implemented by the enterprise, which is a complex task both in organizational, technical and financial terms. Constant changes in the market environment, new needs of consumers, the accelerating science and technology development in other countries are factors making modern enterprises engage in innovation activities.

Key words: innovations, innovation activities, enterprise, regulation

Received: 20/02/2019

1st Revision: 04/03/19

Accepted: 01/09/19



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