Daviduk S., Mazyr P.K Risk to activity and value of the branch insurance of the company

The risk in insurance depends on subjects of enterprise activity. The material proves balance between risk of the enterprise and success, depending on the used capital and a employment. Example of representation of modern manufacture use equations Cobb-Douglas which helps to estimate an optimum combination of production factors, and also to lead the corresponding forecast.

Filonuk O. State regulation of insurance services market with the use of International Standards of IAIS

The article is devoted to the research of the ways of integration of the Ukrainian insurance market in the European Union and the definition of the major ways and principles of market relations and interaction of the subjects of the Ukrainian economy as to adaptation to the practice of the European system of management.

Bazilevich V. World insurance market

The paper explores recent trends in formation and operation of the world insurance market. Genuine data on dynamics of development of life insurance in various parts of the world are given together with statistical reports that reveal structure and amounts of the total and insured losses. An explanation is given to the reasons that stimulate objective prerequisites for growth of the world insurance market.