Libih K.О. The role of the state in development of insurance of vehicles owners civil liability and in providing the full-rights membership of Ukraine in the international motor insurance system “Grenn Card”

The present situation of insurance of vehicles owners’ civil liability in Ukraine, the position and status of Ukraine in the Green Card system, the role of the state in the process of development of this type of insurance also in providing our country’s effective participation in the Green Card system in future are analyzed in the article.

Trynchuk V. Strategic priorities of cooperation of bank institutes and insurance companies

Improving of relationships between banks and insurance companies is settled of need of accomplishing integration processes with the aim to produce competitive products and more qualitive service of satisfying the needs of clients in financial services. There appears a need of theoretical bases research of bancassurance and the analysis of conceptual approaches to organization and function of financial supermarket as the active model of collaboration.

Pryimak V., Ermolenko O. Atomation of the insurance business

The article is devoted to the problems of automation of businesses processes of insurance companies which are engaged in insurance of life. Basic approaches and instruments of business processes are designed. Recommendations as for suitability and timeliness of implementation of automation business processes of insurance company are given. The organizational model of business process of sale of insurance products is developed.

Kopyl O. Decision of the problem of usage insurance market of Ukraine for minimization of taxation by subjects of the real sector of economy

Work is devoted to developing approaches to the decision of problem of the use of insurance market of Ukraine for minimization of taxation by subjects of the real sector of economy, that will provide conditions for normal insurance market
development, in particular the so-called “classic insurance” and will make no economic sense for using insurance market with the purpose of avoidance of payment of the proper sum of tax by the enterprises.

Navrotsky S. Systematization of risks of agricultural enterprises

The author presents a morphological research of a risk situation that takes place in activity of agricultural enterprises. This research was conducting with using a system approach, analyses and synthesis. In addition, the author dis-cusses systematization of elements of a risk situation – sources of risk, groups and types of risk, consequences of risk in agriculture.