Pikus R. Insurance as a stability basis of investment activity at the real estate market

Insurance being the most important element of risk optimization is the basis of investment activity. The author marks out risks of investors and buyers. As the article is mainly devoted to the insurance role, risks creating the necessary prerequisites for it are considered detailly paying special attention to the reasons bringing about instability on the real estate market connected with the risks appearing and therefore high importance of insurance role.

Dyachkova J. Management of reinsurance with the purpose of financial stability maintenance of the insurer

Research of interrelation is carried out clause between reinsurance and financial stability of the insurer. With the help of methods of the morphological and system analysis specification of these concepts is carried out and the methodical approach to definition of efficiency of operation of reinsurance from a position of maintenance of financial stability of the company is offered.

Rasshyvalov D. Economic and regulatory nature of conflict of interests in insurance intermediary services

The article addresses to the issue of potential conflict of interests between insurance broker, its principal (an insured) and an insurer. The author considers that an insurance broker can a potential source of asymmetric information for an insurer as well for insured. The paper dwells on insurance markets regulation in Ukraine, US and EU.

Plysa V. The state regulation of insurance market in Ukraine under global development conditions

The problems of the formation, evolution and regulation of the insurance market of Ukraine are researched in the article. The conceptual framework of the Ukrainian insurance market functioning and regulation are theoretically reasoned. The necessity of the synthesis of the market, government and institutional regulation for providing an effective insurance market functioning is explained. The problems of the Ukrainian insurance market evolution and regulation are pointed out and the suggestions for their solving are formulated.