L. Moldavan, Doctor of Science (Economics), Professor, Chief Scientific Officer of Department of Forms and Methods of Management In the Agro-food Sector, SI “Institute of Economics and Forecasting of NAN of Ukraine”, Kyiv AGROECOLOGICAL FACTORS OF FOOD SECURITY

An experience of development of forms of economy in developed countries is analysed. Ways of development of domestic agriculture are proposed. Continue reading

V. Mishchenko, Doctor of Sciences (Economics), Professor Director of the Center of Scientific Research of the National Bank of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine, S. Mishchenko, Doctor of Sciences (Economics), Associated Professor University of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine STRATEGICAL APPROACHES TO THE RISK MENAGEMENT OF NON-VIALE BANKS’ FUNCIONING AND DISTRESSED ASSETS SERVISING

It was researched conditions of non-viable banks appearance, was characterized modern approaches to non-viable banks and distressed assets management, Continue reading