The editorial policy

provide a platform for researchers and economists (researchers, theorists, practitioners, professionals) so that they can share their knowledge, research findings, theories and views on socio-economic development of Ukraine and the world as the macro- and meso- and micro perspective .

The Editorial Board supports the Budapest Open Access Initiative, aimed at free and gratuitous dissemination of scientific knowledge, which supports rapid development of science.


  • methodological tasks: ensure a productive dialogue between economists;
  • practical tasks: help researchers disseminate their findings and ideas among scientists and business;
  • research tasks: publish the results of innovative applied researches, working on improving the efficiency of economic structures and improving of the economic socialization;
  • educational tasks: focus the educational process of higher education institutions to changes in the content of economic systems, exchange of experience in teaching economics, the formation of intercultural competence;
  • environmental objectives, the essence of which can be displayed in strategic orientations: the economy must be environmental and ecology – economic.

The editorial policy is based on the following principles:

  • objectivity and impartiality in selection of articles for publication;
  • high demands to the quality of research;
  • double “blind” peer-reviewing of articles;
  • collective decision-making on publication of articles;
  • accessibility and efficiency in dealing with authors;
  • strict observance of copyright and related rights;
  • strict observance of the schedule of the journal publication.

Main directions:

  • current problems of economic theory,
  • governance,
  • international economics,
  • business economics,
  • management,
  • theory of finance
  • banking,
  • insurance
  • statistics
  • accounting and auditing
  • safety,
  • environmental safety,
  • economic-mathematical modeling
  • information technology in the economy.